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Name POJava DateTime
Description POJava DateTime is a simple, light-weight Java-based API for parsing and manipulating dates. It parses dates from most languages and formats out of the box without having to specify which format is expected. Defaults such as time zones, and whether to interpret an internationally ambiguous date like "03/06/2014" as DMY order or MDY order are inferred by system time zone and locale and stored in a default config object that can be replaced or overridden. Multiple languages for month names are supported without any additional configuration needed. The net effect the default parser for a server in Paris would have a different automatic configuration from a server in New York. Throw a random local date at either, and it'll parse it as expected. If your server supports customers from multiple locales and time zones, then each can be specified when parsing a date/time to resolve any ambiguities.

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GroupId org.pojava
ArtifactId datetime
Version 3.0.0
Type jar
JDK Rev 1.6