Package org.pojava.persistence.util

Utilities for dealing with data storage and retrieval.


Class Summary
DaoTool DaoTool provides a consistent assortment of database operations for your DAO objects to provide.
SqlTool Utilities for performing SQL tasks.
WebSafe WebSafe is a utility for transforming objects into web-safe strings that can be natively used in XML, HTML, URL's or Cookies.

Package org.pojava.persistence.util Description

Utilities for dealing with data storage and retrieval.

These utilities are based on the use of Object Relational Mapping (ORM) to simplify persistence of an object to storage. The SqlTool handles the direct interaction with the database, and the DaoTool provides a consistent set of common CRUD operations which each of your Dao objects can wrap in their methods, layering on any additional customizations, such as logging, security, or performance monitoring.

As with POJava Utilities, utility classes ending in "Tool" provide a set of static methods.

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