POJava Persistence Utility 2.6.0 API

org.pojava.persistence.adaptor Adaptors tranform data, or more specifically, data held in Bindings, where a Binding specifies both a Type (a Java Class) and a Value (which may be null, hence the necessity of the Type field).
org.pojava.persistence.factories Factories construct objects, and are used for custom serialization of objects, often either to optimize the serialization output or to support serialized objects with specialized constructors.
org.pojava.persistence.jndi Objects that aid in unit testing-- currently, by providing an InitialContext normally created by your application server for JNDI.
org.pojava.persistence.processor ResultSetProcessors process ResultSets.
org.pojava.persistence.query A Query, for purposes of this package, describes a set of selection criteria for a relational data model, regardless of whether it is, for example, from a SQL database.
org.pojava.persistence.serial The serial package of POJava Persistence provides serialization and deserialization of Java Objects to and from XML.
org.pojava.persistence.sql The sql package contains classes for providing ORM (Object Relational Model) functionality to POJava.
org.pojava.persistence.util Utilities for dealing with data storage and retrieval.


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